When it comes to emergency medical care, Malibu Urgent Care Center serves as the sole location to receive treatment from Oxnard to Santa Monica. Established in 2001 after the former urgent care center went bankrupt, the local medical center owes its existence to dedicated community members.

“My friend Marlene Matlow and I decided to take up the challenge of forming a group who would perform a full court press of fundraising to ensure the current Center would never close again,” says Founder Helene Eisenberg.

The group took it upon themselves to fundraise in the community, with the goal of creating a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Friends of Malibu Urgent Care Center) with board members “committed to working hard at fundraising,” says Marlene Matlow, Malibu Urgent Care secretary.

Their efforts resulted in the current Malibu Urgent Care Center offering medical services 365 days a year, boasting a dedicated staff, board-certified emergency room physicians and state-of-the-art medical equipment. The Center serves thousands of local residents and visitors each month.

The past 20 years’ incredible exponential growth in patient numbers dictates the essential role MUCC plays in Malibu, notes Matlow. This valuable community resources offers walk-in appointments and medical services, including free annual flu shots as a community service to public school teachers, police officers and fire officials, ER-physician-staffed phone support and assistance to patients with health insurance-related issues. MUCC also writes patient prescriptions and accepts most major insurance. A full listing of services is at MalibuUrgentCare.com.

Local Lifeline

The recent Woolsey Fire that ignited last November wreaked some of the worst destruction ever seen in the Malibu area, proving the need for nearby emergency medical services.

“The doctors saw over 100 people who were injured and/or ill due to the fire,” notes Matlow. “Some of the conditions they were treated for were acute respiratory illness due to toxic fumes, irritations, minor burns and lacerations, minor fractures of the hands and feet, anxiety and etc. All acute life-threatening emergencies that were not stable were referred to the local hospital, St. John’s or UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica.”

In line with MUCC staff’s remarkable heroism during the fire, MUCC provided services free of charge to those without insurance coverage. The generosity of community donors made it possible to provide these essential emergency services for all of those in need, regardless of their ability to pay during the Woolsey Fire in 2018.

Driving down the iconic coastline past the Malibu Urgent Care Center provides a sense of security in knowing there’s a lifeline to medical care, should the need arise.

Located at 23656 Pacific Coast Highway, in Malibu, the Malibu Urgent Care Center is open 365 days a year. Contact them at 310.456.7551 or visit MalibuUrgentCare.com.