PCH POP UP is an art gallery featuring paintings, photography and sculptures by local Malibu artists.

“Our gallery is unique in that we provide a space that is just for our local talent to showcase their work,” says Tracy Park, owner of PCH POP UP. “We rotate the pieces, on average, every six to eight weeks.” 

PCH POP UP is currently located in The Compass building at 24903 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. As far as upcoming shows are concerned, “we don’t plan too far ahead as we are month to month until the space leases out,” Park explains.

The idea for PCH POP UP was inspired when Park owned a galley in Santa Monica on Ocean Avenue.

“I had it for five years until my lease ended,” Park recalls. “The rent was so high that I decided not to renew.”

A few weeks later, Michael Koss, who owns The Malibu Country Mart, asked Park if she would do a “Pop Up” gallery in a vacant space in his center.

“I wound up doing three galleries in three different spaces for him, including a gallery in a space on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills next door to Spago,” Park remembers.

Years later, Michael Ferdowsi, who owns The Compass building, asked Park to do the same.

“He asked me to bring a little life to the building until he finds tenants,” Park says. “So, I’ll be there until he leases it out. If our space gets leased out, I’ll be ‘popping up’ somewhere else.”

The 2,000-square-foot gallery with ocean views is an intimate space that each artist helps support in all aspects.

“We all pitch in to make it work,” explains Park, who has been a resident of Malibu for 25 years.

“My husband, Jeff Redman, does all of the installations,” she continues. “Artists like Elise Vazelakis not only hang her own steel and copper weavings, she also prints out all the price and description tags. And photographer Brendon O’Neal helps paint the walls.”

Additionally, “Zan McDougall of Malibu’s own Sugardust bakery helps paint walls and serves up sweet treats to our guests,” Park notes. “Katherine Kousi, who is a featured artist and local art instructor, brings her students in for private tours and recently held a reception in the gallery featuring her students’ work.”

In being so lucky to have been given this gorgeous, ocean view space, Park wanted to pass on her good fortune to the local community.

“I’m using it to feature local artists and I use the space for local fundraising,” Park says.

For instance, she recently started, with her dear friend Joe McDougall, an art scholarship for Malibu High School students wishing to further their education in the arts. 

“We hosted an event in the gallery called Malibu Masters, which included works by Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Stern, Lyndie Benson, Katherine Kousi and a half dozen more talented folks from our community,” Park recalls. “We were able to present a $10,000 scholarship to a very deserving young boy from Malibu High. It has been the highlight of my career to have been able to do this.”

Park also recently hosted an event for Thera Surf, a Malibu-based nonprofit organization founded by surfers who bring physically challenged children out into the water, geared with safety equipment, so that they can surf with their assistance.

“It was just a wonderful, feel good night bringing our community together for the greater good,” Park says. “It’s truly a pleasure for me to be able to give back to our wonderful, sweet little town. Malibu is a small town where we all do what we can to keep it special.”