Renowned for their healthy, energy-giving premium vitamin shots and IV vitamin drips that reduce stress, improve focus and boost immunity, Zuma Wellness aims to promote good health through holistic, natural methods. Adding to their commitment to keeping the community healthy, Zuma Wellness now offers ongoing monthly events geared to help heal, educate and engage participants.

Acupuncture Sound Baths

Zuma Wellness’ unique Acupuncture Sound Baths take place from 5 to 6 p.m. on the first and third Thursdays of each month throughout 2018. Receive a healing acupuncture treatment while soaking in a relaxing live sound bath. Participants lie on a yoga mat with blankets, resting comfortably with their head on a soft pillow as they soak up the benefits of an acupuncture session while “bathing” in the healing sounds of seven crystal bowls and three gongs. Acupuncture Sound Baths combine the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine with the use of sound, which can shift our brainwaves from a beta brainwave waking state into an alpha and theta brainwave relaxation state. The body becomes more receptive here and deep healing can occur.

Led by Zuma Wellness’ founder, Malibu-based Naturopathic Doctor Sarah Murphy, and Licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist Susan Valdez Cohen of Malibu Aesthetics, Acupuncture Sound Baths soothe and relax participants, providing healing in a gentle, effective manner. The collective consciousness of the group dynamic enriches the experience. This is a simple, yet profound way to bring self-care into our busy urban lifestyles.

Zuma Talks

Offered the third Thursday of every month, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., Zuma Talks features experts in their field presenting information on health and wellness topics, ranging from natural medicine anti-aging tips to the role of the divine feminine in wellness. Designed to educate and enlighten, Zuma Talks provide a regular forum for the community to gather, learn, discuss and actively engage in their health. The monthly presentations serve to empower and inspire participants to experience different healing modalities and make informed decisions about various health-related matters.

This month’s Zuma Talks event on May 17 features Tantric Belly Dance teacher Josie Keys, speaking about feminine theory and teaching some simple dance moves to get you into “The Divine Feminine and Your Health.” Josie is a lineage holder in Tantric Dance and will share with us how we can consciously activate the Divine Feminine in our lives for increased happiness and health.

Looking ahead to summer, on June 21, Dr. Murphy presents “Look Young, Feel Young: The Natural Way.” Come learn about the latest natural techniques in the anti-aging beauty arena. And in her talk on August 16, “The Natural Way to a Bright, Sexy Brain,” Dr. Murphy reveals the latest research on what we know about how to keep our brains in tip-top shape well into old age.

See the Sidebar below for additional Zuma Talks topics scheduled through the end of the year.

Each Zuma Talks event is followed by refreshments and hors d’oeuvres at Zuma Wellness. These free talks attract like-minded individuals who are seeking to live their best lives and optimize their health through an array of healing modalities.

Zuma Wellness is located at 21355 Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite 202, in Malibu. In addition to providing a full spectrum of natural medicine services at their main Malibu clinic, Zuma Wellness provides concierge services where patients live, work and play, by partnering with retail brands, companies and individuals who align with their ethos of health and well-being to provide on-location natural medicine services too.

To learn more about Zuma Wellness, Acupuncture Sound Baths and Zuma Talks or to make a patient appointment or event reservation, call 310.317.4888.

Zuma Talks 2018 Schedule

May 17: The Divine Feminine & Your Health – Josie Keys

June 21: Look Young, Feel Young: The Natural Way – Dr. Sarah Murphy

July19: Forces That Heal for Real- Sifu – Matthew

August 16: The Natural Way to A Bright, Sexy Brain – Dr. Sarah Murphy

September 20: Malibu Essential Oils – Cindy Lu & Earl

October 18: Spiritual Hygiene – Patricia Freebery

November 15: The Divine Feminine & Your Health – Josie Keys

December 20: 6 Health Secrets – Dr. Jonci Jensen

For reservations, call 310.317.4888.