As a nonprofit organization dedicated to showcasing local art, the Pacific Palisades Art Association features art demonstrations, guest speakers and judged group shows, as well as member solo shows at the public library and local women’s club.

“We serve as a community gathering for local artists,” says Pacific Palisades Art Association President Annette Dugdale-Alexakis, who is a watercolor multi-media painter. “We also offer a safe space for artists in our community to come and speak about their current works in progress, their art practice, finished works or voice anything that is currently inspiring them.”

For instance, an opening reception in January at the Pacific Palisades Public Library showcased artist Rosie Galanis, whose work consists primarily of mixed media works, exploring the temporality of the human condition and the implications of the tropes of modern existence.

“Her work focuses on the relationship between internal and external worlds, emphasizing the inevitable aspects of existence,” Dugdale-Alexakis explains. “Her work consists primarily of organic materials. These materials in combination with transformative processes evoke bodily tissue like material, emotive and inherently human.”

In upcoming events, guest speaker Roksana Pirouzmand, who graduated from the California Institute of Arts in Fine Arts, will show slides of her paintings, sculptures and performance art from 7 to 9 p.m. on Feb. 27 at the Pacific Palisades Woman’s Club, 901 Haverford Avenue. For details, visit

Pirouzmand isn’t the only outstanding artist featured by the Pacific Palisades Art Association. Others include Judith Carr, who uses a brush and palette knife to create daring acrylic paintings on canvas; Laura McCormac, who sculpts mainly the medium-hard alabaster stone so she can use a hammer and chisel, files and sandpaper for a more organic experience than the use of power tools; and Chris Alexakis, who is experienced in logo, packaging, poster, animation and cinematography design.

Annual Art Show

The Art Association’s yearly efforts include the Annual Pacific Palisades Village Green Art Show and Sale, which has been beneficial over the years by placing artists in the center of town for a day.

“The event brings attention to the general public of our existence and encourages people to take part in our community, whether it be joining as a member or sharing their art,” Dugdale-Alexakis says.

Fundraising is also a part of the Art Association’s mission and is conducted through membership dues for $55 at Members may attend special guest lectures and demonstrations from renowned artists, gallery chairs and museum curators from throughout the Los Angeles area. Members also have an opportunity to showcase their art in collaborative shows at a discounted price for a year.

Membership fees go toward paying for guest speakers, demonstrations, website maintenance, rent and liability insurance. The public is welcome to make donations to the Art Association to help fund grants to young aspiring artists at Pacific Palisades Charter High School.

“Every year we try to make sure we have enough money to donate a small scholarship to the Pacific Palisades Charter High School art students,” Dugdale-Alexakis says. “The scholarship and art shows are incentives for members to join so that we may continue bringing local art free to the public.”

The Art Association has been running for close to 70 years, and today has approximately 55 active members.

“We are always looking for more,” Dugdale-Alexakis says. “People may join and are welcome regardless of age, gender and where they reside.”

The ultimate goal of the Palisades Art Association is to encourage the community and offer tools and knowledge—regardless of age, background or gender—to pursue art as a means of self-
expression, she further emphasizes.

“It is important to keep the arts 
alive in today’s society because often places start to look the same between one and another,” 
Dugdale-Alexakis says. “Art is a way for people to reclaim their identity on a place and create a dialogue unique to the community. The Palisades Art Association is key in providing a more broad insight into the people that make up our community.”

For more information, visit or call 310.459.8370.