Pacific Palisades Community Council Honors Local Volunteers 2

Pacific Palisades is home to a supportive community of friendly, caring neighbors that embrace every opportunity to lend a hand and enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood.

While it takes a village to sustain such a wonderful community, those special individuals who have made voluntary contributions to Pacific Palisades that benefit the community at large are recognized each year in December by the Pacific Palisades Community Council.

Since 2015, the PPCC has honored residents for their community contributions with their Citizen of the Year Award and Golden Sparkplug Award.

“These awards are given out annually to community members who, through their extraordinary volunteer efforts, make the Pacific Palisades such a unique and exceptional place,” says George Wolfberg, Awards Selection Committee Chair and former PPCC Chair.

Representing the voice of the Pacific Palisades community since 1973, the nonprofit PPCC provides a forum for the discussion of community issues and advocates to government and private agencies on those issues where there is broad community agreement. As one of the oldest volunteer organizations of its type in the City of Los Angeles, the PPCC served as a model for the current Neighborhood Council system. Its Board includes elected area representatives from all residential neighborhoods of the Palisades, an elected at-large representative and representatives appointed by important community organizations.

“We discuss and debate matters that impact the Palisades and, when there is consensus, we take a position which we present to City, County and State agencies, or private actors, with great impact,” says PPCC Chair Maryam Zar. “Our credibility is uncontested and our watchful eye over the interests of Pacific Palisades is unyielding.”

In addition to holding regular community meetings, PPCC proudly sponsors the annual Citizen of the Year and Golden Sparkplug Awards, and from time to time also bestows special Pride of the Palisades honors. The awards are presented to deserving citizen volunteers at PPCC’s annual December Awards Gala.

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The Citizen of the Year Award honors individuals “whose contributions to Pacific Palisades have been both a recent effort resulting in a substantial benefit to the community and a steady, reliable long-term history of service to the Palisades.”

Past recipients include Rob Weber (2013), Sharon Kilbride (2015) and last year’s honoree, Daphne Gronich.

The Golden Sparkplug Award “honors those who have an idea and effort resulting in an original contribution to Pacific Palisades that benefits the community.” Any community organization or individual may nominate a candidate, who must have “owned real property located in, resided in, or operated a business located in Pacific Palisades (within the PPCC area boundaries) at the time the services were rendered.”

Past Golden Sparkplug Award winners include Susan Corwin and Bob Harter (2014), Laurel Garver, Laurie Sale and Doug Suisman (2015) and Sylvia Boyd, Patrick Hart, Amy Lundberg, Karen Stigler and Veslemoey Zwart in 2016.

Past recipients of the special Pride of the Palisades Award include Bill Bruns (2014), the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness (2015) and Bob Benton (2016).

The Pacific Palisades Community Council welcomes and encourages participation by all Palisades community members. This year’s Gala Awards Night takes place Dec. 14 at Gladstones.

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