The Palisades Dentists & Palisades Surgical Arts: 6

Filling the Need for Quality 
Local Dental Care

For the highest quality dental care, look no farther than The Palisades Dentists and Palisades Surgical Arts, where caring, expertly skilled Doctors of Dental Surgery Cerisa and Max Moncayo have joined forces with Carly LeVine, D.D.S., to expand the Palisades Village practice. Both Southern California natives and proud Navy veterans, these gifted and dynamic dental professionals are happy to be living and working in the vibrant Pacific Palisades community.

At The Palisades Dentists, Drs. Cerisa Moncayo and Levine offer a full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry, from filling cavities and performing root canals and extractions to fitting patients with crowns, dentures and veneers. Dr. Moncayo graduated from Stanford University and the USC School of Dentistry, and Dr. Levine earned her degree from the University of Miami and the USC School of Dentistry.

Palisades Surgical Arts’ board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon and board-certified dental anesthesiologist Dr. Max Moncayo specializes in oral surgery, dental implants, tooth extraction, bone grafting and gum surgery. With extensive training in craniofacial trauma and all aspects of head and neck reconstruction, Dr. Moncayo is the sole oral and maxillofacial surgeon with a full-time office in the Palisades. He graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry, where he teaches residents, and completed his medical/surgical training at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

The experienced professionals practice biomimetic dentistry whenever possible, focusing on minimally invasive and conservative treatment plans with the aim of restoring patients’ teeth to their natural appearance, form and function. While these ethical and honest dental practitioners combine compassionate specialized care with state-of-the-art dental technology close to home, the dedicated couple also find time to offer pro bono dental and oral surgery services to residents of the Dream Center in downtown Los Angeles.

High-Tech Care

All of the patients of Dr. Cerisa Moncayo, Dr. Carly LeVine and Dr. Max Moncayo receive superior dental care using the latest technology.

The Cone Beam CT

This device takes three-dimensional images of facial structures, including teeth and jaw bones. Regular X-rays provide limited diagnostic images, as they are only two dimensional. It is important for dentists and oral surgeons to take 3-D images, especially when looking for abnormalities in the jaw, teeth or sinuses. These detailed images allow experts to evaluate bone quality and quantity when planning for dental implants and to see the exact position of the wisdom teeth. Best of all, this imaging device emits a fraction of the radiation of a medical CT scan.

Digital Impressions

The use of digital imaging saves patients from having to bite into gooey impression material. Although conventional impressions still have their place, most dental cases can be easily scanned with a tiny handheld camera and sent directly to the lab. This technology uses ultrafast optical resonance to produce extraordinarily accurate, three-dimensional images. Lab technicians then use a 3-D printer to fabricate models of the patient’s mouth and make crowns, bridges and mouth guards.

The Wand

This device is a “painless anesthesia delivery system” that uses computer-assisted technology to precisely control the flow rate of anesthesia. Discomfort from traditional injections stems from the pressure of the anesthesia and the pH change (described as a burning or stinging sensation) rather than the needle penetration. The Wand numbs the area ONE DROP at a time, so patients don’t feel the pressure or pH change.

Proper Monitoring

Whenever local anesthesia with epinephrine is administered—even for minor dental procedures—a patient’s blood pressure is monitored, as anesthesia can elevate a patient’s heart rate and affect blood pressure. Surprisingly, many dentists forego blood pressure monitoring. Max Moncayo, D.D.S., utilizes software that records a patient’s electronic anesthesia/sedation information in real time. He also monitors patients with an assistant and second dentist in the room to provide the safest care possible during oral surgery.

Say “Ahhhh”

Attractively designed treatment rooms boast top quality high-tech equipment and comfortable A-dec dental exam chairs made of soft Italian leather. Each room features an intra-oral camera that allows patients to view what is happening during their exams and procedures. Patients also have the option to stream Netflix or Pandora or to relax with Bose noise-cancelling headphones during treatment.

Schedule a consultation with Cerisa Moncayo, D.D.S., at 310.459.2303 or Max Moncayo, D.D.S., at 310.459.0014.

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