Hello to New Friends!

With the exciting launch of Malibu to Palisades Lifestyle, we’d like to say thank you for allowing us into your home to share our mission and goals.

In 2015, when we started Conejo Valley Lifestyle—just “over the hill,” as they say—our goal was to publish a local community magazine featuring articles focused on family, education, giving back, health and wellness, the arts, finance, home and garden and other topics of interest to the folks who make up the fabric of the community. When it was time to expand our business, we looked for communities that, while different in some ways, were similar in family and community values. We started to reach out to folks in Malibu and Pacific Palisades back in May, and the response since then has been very welcoming and gratifying. So, here we are with Malibu to Palisades Lifestyle!

Our mission statement is direct but simple: to support your vibrant communities with meaningful, useful and entertaining information about its people, places and businesses.

We want this magazine to grow and become an integral part of the Malibu and Pacific Palisades communities, bringing neighbors closer and businesses together for the greater good of this very special part of Southern California. We want this to be your publication, personal and supportive with topics that are important to you.

As the success of the publication depends on the community, our venture is really a full-circle approach. If we provide relevant and interesting information to our readers, then you will support us. When you make Malibu to Palisades Lifestyle a part of your day, our partners will want to commit to us by promoting their goods and services in these pages. Finally, when you support our partners, their dedication to Malibu to Palisades Lifestyle will be validated. With that, we come full circle, providing a magazine every month that benefits your community in every way.

We will not take your trust lightly. We will focus on family and family-first values, with an emphasis on giving back to the community you love so much.

So thank you for allowing us this opportunity to come into your home. We know this will be the beginning of a long and meaningful relationship.